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The news on the Follett Challenge is big! Here are the latest releases to keep you up to date. Below you’ll find links to recent media stories on the Challenge.  For the latest, up to the minute news on the Follett Challenge like us on Facebook at

Follett Challenge News Releases

05/16/2014 Follett Announces Follett Challenge Grand Prize Winner
04/14/2014 Follett Announces Follett Challenge People's Choice Winners and Semifinalists
02/03/2014 Follett Hosts Facebook Chats to Answer Entrants Questions
12/03/2013 Follett Challenge Announces Judges
10/01/2013 Follett Challenge to Recognize K-12 Innovation at 15 Schools

$200,000 Contest to Reward Leading Examples of 21st Century Teaching, Learning Programs.
02/06/2013 Follett Challenge Helps Schools Share their Innovation with the World

Through March 18, the public may vote for their favorite Follett Challenge submission. All of the video entries can be found on the Follett Challenge website, and the entry with the most votes from the public will take home the People’s Choice award.
12/14/2012 Deadline to Enter Follett Challenge is Jan. 4

The deadline for educators to submit entries for the 2012-13 Follett Challenge is Friday, Jan. 4. The six winning K-12 schools will earn their share of $200,000 worth of Follett products and services, plus Follett will throw a party for the two grand-prize winners at their respective schools.
11/29/2012 Follett Challenge Shares 'Secrets' for a Winning Entry

Schools planning to enter the 2012-2013 Follett Challenge now have a clear idea of the crtieria the contest's judges will be using to evaluate entries.  The deadline to participate is January 4, 2013.
10/11/2012 Follett Challenge Announces Judges for $200K Contest

The 2012-2013 Follett Challenge has announced the six judges who will be reviewing and ranking the contest entries.  The entry period is open now through January 4, 2013.


Follett Challenge Returns to Reward Innovative Schools

The 2012-13 Follett Challenge has been announced, with the prize money doubled from a year ago and a new focus seeking entries from educators who are successfully aligning their curriculum to teach 21st century learning skills. The entry period runs from Sept. 17 to Jan. 4, 2013, with winners to be revealed in early April 2013.


Follett Challenge Highlights Positive Impact of Libraries on Student Achievement

Follett Software Company and Assessment Technology Incorporated have leveraged their collective strengths in the K-12 education market with the signing of a teaming agreement that will allow the two companies to jointly pursue opportunities with school districts.


Calling All Librarians-Follett is Putting You To the Test

Follett Corporation announces the Follett Challenge, a contest to find the best innovations in school libraries.  The Follett Challenge will advocate for the role librarians play as champions of school programs that drive student achievement.



Media Coverage & Blogs

10/01/2013 $200,000 Contest Seeks to Reward Leading Examples of 21st Century Teaching-TeachThought
Follett to Award $200,000 in 21st Century Learning Challenge-t.h.e. JOURNAL
09/19/2013 Follett Challenge Winner Earns National Library of the Year Award
09/26/2013 Blogger Joyce Valenza features Follett Challenge Winners in Popular Blog.
10/24/2012 Seeking Top 21st Century Teaching

The second annual Follett Challenge encourages educators to align their curriculum to teach 21st century learning skills—and is offering double the prize money as last year to those who do.
10/22/2012 Follett Challenge Doubles Prizes Awards

The Follett Challenge will return this year, awarding $200,000 worth of Follett’s products and services.
10/14/2012 I Challenge You!

Previous winner challenge’s others to submit for the Follett Challenge.
10/04/2012 The Annual Follett Challenge

Britten Follett is our guest as we outline this year's exciting contest and Isabel Chipungu, last years winner from Ococee FL joins her.

Enter the Follett Challenge; Win $200K in Follett Goods

The Follett Challenge is back—but this year the prize money has doubled and the pool of eligible applicants has expanded from just media specialists to all K-12 educators who best align their curriculum to teach 21st-century critical thinking skills.


Follett Challenge entries are a source of Inspiration

Follett Challenge Entries provide a source of inspiration and advocate the role of Teacher librarians.


Follett $100k Challenge Winners Announced

The six Follett Challenge Contest winners were announced and celebrated at AASL.


Six K-12 Libraries Win Follett Challenge

Six K-12 Media Specialists win the Follett Challenge and are honored at the American Association of School Librarians National Conference in Minneapolis.


Ocoee Elementary Media Center Snags Top Honor in Follett Challenge

Ocoee Elementary School media specialist Isabel Chipungu submitted the award-winning entry worth $35,000.


School to go on $15k book binge

Jennifer Northrup's award winning video entry gives Flat Rock Middle School $15,000 worth of merchandise from Follett.


Six K-12 Libraries Win the Follett Challenge

Six lucky K-12 media specialists win the Follett Challenge.


Flat Rock Middle Project wins $15k for Media Center

Flat Rock Middle School wins 3rd place in Follett Challenge Contest.


Eisenhower Library called Number 2 in US

Eisenhonwer Library wins second place in Follett Challenge Contest


Follett Challenge Winners Unveiled, Honored

The six winners of the Follett Challenge were unveiled and honored Oct. 27 in a ceremony at the Minneapolis (Minn.) Convention Center.


Flat Rock Middle Finished Third in National Follett Challenge

Flat Rock Middle School is the third place winner in the National Follett Challenge.


Ocoee Elementary wins $35,000 Library Award

Ocoee Elementary school has won $35,000 in Follett Brand products and services for its library.


San Antonio Middle School to Benefit from Library Makeover

Eisenhower Middle School Named Second Place Winner in the Follett Challenge.


Follett Challenge:  A Journey

Third Place Winner Jennifer Northrup discusses her Follett Challenge experience.


Flat Rock Middle School Named National Follett Challenge Finalist

Flat Rock Middle School Named one of six finalists in the Follett Challenge contest.


Eisenhower MS Takes the Follett Challenge

Eisenhower Middle is one of six finalists in the Follett Challenge contest.


Swan Valley High School Finalist in Contest to win up to $35,000 for Library

Swan Valley High School is one of the top 6 finalists in the Follett Challenge contest.


School Library Needs Votes

The library at New Hope-Solebury High School takes the Follett Challenge contest and seeks votes.


Jersey City Charter School in Running for Grant of up to $35k to Improve Library

TECCS enters the Follett Challenge contest  to improve and modernize its library.