Submissions will be judged on how well the written and video submissions incorporate the following criteria into the program:
The judging for the four semifinalists and the grand prize winner will be comprised of two parts.
  1. A third party will review all of the submissions using this judging rubric.  The top submission in each category (Elementary, Middle, High, and K12/Parochial) will advance to the second part of the judging.
  2. The Follett Challenge panel of judges will review the four semifinalists using the judging rubric to determine the grand prize winner.
The final score for the four semifinalists and the grand prize winner will be based on the final rubric score from the panel of judges AND the number of votes the submitted video receives. That score is weighted 70% from the final judges rubric scoring and 30% from the video voting.

The judging for the top 10 People's Choice Video awards are based on the total amount of votes the submitted video receives.  Fraudlent votes will result in disqualification from the Follett Challenge.